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Sorry, I have been really busy yet, I never made an official post for this community. I finally did some work on the layout. Seeing that there are actually people here, I figured I should say something. I made this community because I wanted other people to talk to while I was on the path to trying to become an Officer. I took the NYS Troopers exam and I was ranked 1033 out of 25000 candidates, I was deffered several times because I wasn't twenty one yet, and now I have deferred the troopers until I finish my bachelors degree. The most challenging part thus far has been motivating myself to keep working out when it seems like I will never reach my goals. Welcome everyone though! :)

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Exactly how did you make the layout on here?

I'm trying to change my LJ to something like this community's layout and am not having any luck. Is it because you're a paid member?
Okay, I've been messing with it and I'm -almost- there. How did you get the entries to be all to the right, and the background to be fixed instead of repeating?