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Where is everyone?

Is everyone still around? Haven't seen an update here in a while.

I've done two (police) ride-alongs this past week at two different cities in the area. The first was two hours long and boring, but still enjoyable. The second was where I want to work and I was with the officer for 7 hours! It was a blast. I became friends with her and she gave me her cell number to get in contact with her to do another ride-along when I'm back in town. (I'm currently live out of state and am just on vacation, but I'll be moving back permanently in September.) I think she's psyched about me being a cop because she kept introducing me to all the others as, "This is Kira. She's going to be doing the police academy." :)

I enjoyed it all very much and I believe I've now learned that this is the field of work I want to do. I've also figured out through trial-and-error that I want a career that is unpredictable each day, and this is definitely one of those careers.

The sad thing? I don't want to go back to work in retail. I just want to start patrolling and everything. Can't happen yet, though. Got to go to police academy first then get hired.

But any way, just wanted to update you all on how my search is going on finding the right career - law enforcement. As well as ask, is everyone still around?
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