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How come family doesn't seem to support you in your career choice?

I was talking to my mom tonight and I was bringing up police stuff and she's all, "I think you're good in your photography. I think you'd do great in that as a career."


Get off the damn photography bit!

Why does she keep doing this to me? Everytime I mention police work she's all, "I wish you were going into photography. You're so good at it." So? Doesn't mean I have to make a career out of it.

And, it's just not her. However, she's the one who openly says she doesn't want me going into policing and wishes I was still doing photography. But the rest of my family (mom's side)... "I couldn't see you as a police officer," or... "You? A police officer?" And then my grandma in Missouri. I can't figure out if she's trying to help me... or make me change my mind. She's the one that told me I should talk with some officers the last time I was in Missouri. She also wanted me to talk to my second cousin - Tia - who is the dean at MSSU over that department. *sigh* I'm not sure if she's doing this so I can see that police work isn't for me... or, to help me. I'll consider it helping because each time I talked with officers, it didn't deter me or make me second guess. It just backed-up my decision and even encouraged it some more.

My gma I'm living with keeps telling me, "Just ignore them. Do what YOU want to do. Don't let them affect your decision." And, that's pretty much what all my friends and people online are telling me, too. To do what -I- want to do.

As for my dad, I dunno. He really hasn't said anything about it. All he's said was when I was going on the ride-along in Webb City, "Be careful." And he was serious. He was... concerned. Um, yeah. Like a police officer is going to push me infront of them and hold me as their shield when a suspsect draws a gun on them. I don't think so! If a gun is involved in any case, they'd make me stay in the squad car. Just like Chris did when she was backing up Tim on a call. Usually she let me out of the car, but on this one she wouldn't.

And you know what's crazy about all of this? My entire family supported my decision of doing this back in high school. But now three years later, they're like, "You? Yeah right." Blah! My mom helped me get information on the police academy, at then, MSSC. My dad encouraged me when I felt down about my size. He kept saying, "Look at some of the officers when you're at the police department [for Citizen's Police Academy]. I bet you'll see one built like you." (That was the reason I backed out of going into law enforcement three years. But recently reading of an officer who is smaller than me on an online community I'm on... made me go, "If she can do it, so can I.") My family never questioned my decision three years ago. I remember my uncle telling me about me possibly doing crime scene photography back then, since I was (and still am) into photography. Yeah, they seemed pretty supportive three years ago. And now, they aren't. What's the deal?

*sigh* Family...

Maybe it's just a driving force for me. Seriously. Every time someone tells me I -can't- do something, it just drives me to do the opposite just to spite them. (And because, in this case, it is something I really want to do.) Supposedly, that happens a lot in the academy - so I've heard. These teachers and all are basically yelling at you saying you can't do it - but, just use that as a driving force. It's actually what they're trying to do. See how tough you are. Make sure you won't run away crying, I guess. It shows devotion.

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Does anyone else have this issue? Is your family supportive or not?

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