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Police Academy: Now or later?

I finally called the local univeristy that does the police academy. I got the voice mail for the director of the academy. So of course, I left a voice message. I crawled back in bed, and the phone woke me up an hour later about (a bit more). It was the director of the academy! He told me all about the academy. Stuff I mostly new, so I was thinking, "Uh huh. Yeah. Know that." But then he was like, "We'll probably be doing registration October 1 [for spring semester]. Well, that's probably a Saturday, so October 3rd. So you'll just need to call me so we can set up a time. We'll have to fill out school papers, as well as papers with the Dept of Public Safety." and so forth. He said financial aid would go towards academy expenses. He asked if I'd be applying for aid and I said probably. He said that's something I should get started doing -now-.

Alrighty, so here's the deal. Maybe someone can help me?

Do I really want to go this next semester, or do I want to wait until next fall, like I have previously planned?

Pro's of going this next semester:
1. Health insurance. I'm terminated on my dad's health insurance at the age of 22, which is this next June! He's told me though that he's considered getting a new insurance, because he isn't completely satisifed with what he has. (He has the insurance from work - GEHA, or Government Employees Health Association. Government, since he works for the post office!)
2. Be a police officer sooner, and get out of retail faster! Oh I hate retail.

And that's about it for the pro's going this semsester.

Con's of going this next semester:
1. Money. I hardly have any money in savings. And probably half of what's there right now, will be going towards my Paul McCartney concert trip at the end of October for food, gas, and the hotel. And whatever else.
2. Physically fit? Looking at me, one can say I'm fit. But I can tell you, my lungs and heart say otherwise! lol. I haven't really exercised since my senior year in high school. That's a little over three years! I'm not sure if I can get in shape in just a couple months before the academy starts in Jan.

And like that, I'll be having to bust my butt like crazy the next couple months before Jan. just to get prepared for the academy and all. Fun?

Pro's of going next fall:
1. More time to get prepared. Simply put. I'd have more time to save up some money, more time to get physically fit, etc.
2. Night school? Night school was considered for me, as I can then work some hours at a job still. Night school lasts an entire two semesters instead of just one, costs about $100 more (ooo! that's a lot of money for the difference... not!), and will probably as I said, give me more time in case I -need- to work while in academy to pay my freakin' bills!

Con's of going next fall:
1. Health insurance? I'm not sure if I'll have any health insurace next fall. Eep! Sucky. It all depends on if my dad decides to get a new insurance, or stick with the one he's had for like ever it seems.
2. Longer wait to become a police officer. Although I may get out of retail before academy starts in fall if I keep putting apps in at security places and all...

So my question is, if you're in my situation, when would you go? I'd love go this next spring if I could, but some issues are arising. I'm not exactly sure when I should go. If I can get my butt in gear and start preparing for spring semester, then I guess that's cool. But, I'm pretty bad about exercising on my own. I serioulsy need a personal trainer OR an exercising buddy.

Suggestions? Comments? Anything? Anyone?
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