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Future Police Officers

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[30 Nov 2007|05:58pm]

how many people who read and comment on this page are actually future officers and how many are current officers? I can't imagine having time to be on the internet while I was at the academy...

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Who am I ? [26 Nov 2007|09:51pm]
  don't want legal advice just personal opinions, please 

In the law a person can be a corporation or a flesh and blood human.  Which one is the State Code referring to?  I am not trying to twist the law.  The law is hard to understand.   I am a fifth year law student and I am just now starting to get a grip on it.
Here is the Question:
What if I start a Corporation and call it DILLON SMITH and then go to court for traffic ticket and they Call DILLON SMITH and my attorney asks the Magistrate to identify the accused.
Is the accused DILLON SMITH the Corp., which is the Spelling on the drivers license or is it Dillon Smith the human?
Thanks for you input and God Bless
Absent Individual Capacity
Here is the legal term of  person defined in many State Revised Codes.
Person" includes an individual, corporation, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, and association.
Also see Sole Corp.defined in law dictionaries
The corporation sole, or corporate sole, is legally defined: Corporation of only One Individual
Corporations sole
A corporation sole is one consisting of only one member, and his successors in some particular station, who are incorporated by law in order to give them some legal capacities and advantages, particularly that of perpetuity, which in their natural persons they could not have.
are those which by law consist of but one member at any one time, as a bishop or vicars and the like.

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Great site [16 Feb 2006|09:05am]


I've found a great site www.911jobforums.com (if you are american)... it has heaps of discussion boards etc - I guess I still like this format for any stories and such, but that site is great for asking questions - esp. about each stage of the process, different counties and such.

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rightio then [15 Dec 2005|01:23pm]

I've decided to bite the bullet and apply.

Always wanted to, haven't actually done for a number of reasons... mostly 10yrs ago (I am near 30) I fell into a kick-arse career job whilst still at uni doing psych - and while I didn't have the maturity for the police, I did have what a very big telco in Aust wanted.

So I worked for good pay all over the country, and now it is time to stop careerising the dilbertesque, office space corporate world and actually work to a career that might allow me to give something back to my community, and make me feel part of it.

So I'll apply.

Part of this process is the usual - prep on requirements - in Australia it seems different to America - here you have a list of pre-reqs, apply, and if you are suitable go on a waiting list at whatever ranking until an opening comes up. You apply at state or federal level (federal much more competitive) and work for the state govt. There are no 'local' or 'sheriff' groups... it is 7 different police forces (7 states)most with similar recruitment processes and requirements.

For me? The questions will be whether to go home to my home state & family (West Aust) and apply (tougher physical reqs, less educational) or apply here in Queensland (easier phys, have all educ reqs).

Country postings a must for development/advancement. Qld this would be better.

And getting a payout redundancy from current job as recruitment pay in Police force bites - $26,000pa for the first 6-7mths (depending on state) pre tax (tax rate in Aust for this will be about 33%, but 48.5% for me due to my previous career/income). (asked for this 5mths ago... just waiting in line... worth enough to make the wait worthwhile)

And I have to get fit, something I really am NOT.

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[04 Dec 2005|06:20pm]

I don't mean to annoy anyone with this entry, but since we're all "future officers," I thought I'd share this.

I've created a community on LiveJournal to post entries about before, during, and after police academy. Such as training, police ride-along, getting hired by a department, etc.

I do invite anyone who is currently working on becoming a police/corrections/other officer to join and also share your experiences, if you wish. That is why I turned around and turned this into a community instead of an individual account.

The community is friends only! Anyone who becomes a member and wishes to post entries (future officers only), must remember to keep their entries friends only, as well.

Why exactly did I create this? No, I don't want the whole world knowing details in my life (thus, the community is friends only). I do, however, have many friends and family across the nation that I love to keep in contact with about what is going on in my life. I decided to make one area on the web where I can share with them what's going on in my life, instead of sending email after email after email, or posting entry after entry after entry... which tends to get annoying.

If anyone is interested in this community, here is the link:

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Police Academy stress issues - why can't money grow on trees? [24 Nov 2005|11:19pm]

This is more of a rant than anything else - issues I'm facing with going to academy in January.Collapse )

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[13 Nov 2005|10:15pm]

I was talking with one of my best friends tonight, and she kept saying, "Good luck, but BE CAREFUL!" to me about going to police academy next semester.

She knows probably more police officers than I do locally and she's talked to them about this stuff. They've told her how a lot of them (female cadets) have landed in the hospital with broken bones, etc., and that they are -really- hard and rough on the girls especially. :(

I admitted to her, that the physical aspects of the academy is the only thing I'm worried about. I don't mind anything else, like the mock traffic stops, the book works, etc., but... it's the running and the defensive tactics class that I fear/worry about. (But don't get me wrong - I'm not letting any of this stop me from going! I start academy in Jan., and am very much looking forward to it. I guess it's just me being nervous about all of this, so I'm coming up with fears?)

She says her boyfriend will help train me in defensive arts, but... an officer told me (on the 'net, not a local one) that it'd probably be best to wait until -after- the academy to do any martial arts, etc., because they'll teach us to do something a certain way in academy and I don't want to be taught the wrong way prior. Makes sense.

But you know?


I just pray that I don't have to land in the hospital with broken bones. :(

Thoughts anyone? I know some of you are officers already - how did your academy training go?

And yes, I've been a lazy ass for the past month or so. I have not prepped physically for any of this! (Well, I get on the treadmill about once every week and a half, but like that's helping? NO!)

The local female officer I'm friends with, is older and hasn't been to academy in 14 years - that's how long she's been an officer here. I would love to talk to her about this, but I'm positive that everything she went through back then, is VASTLY different than the current academy training. Her and I have talked and she thinks I'll do great. I'm using that as my confidence booster, whenever I do get down. :)

But I'm not letting any of this get in my way of doing my best while in academy. I'm going to put 100% effort into it, plus more. I know with determination and 100% positive work, I can ace it.

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Police academy prep [13 Oct 2005|12:04pm]

I don't know why it hasn't occured to me until now to ask this on this community, but...

I'll be attending academy this next semester. It starts Jan. 16 and ends May 18th. We have to run 1.5 miles and do situps and pushups.

My questions, really, is:

What kind of exercising regimes do you all do to get ready for academy? I'm a pretty good procrastinator when it comes to things, especially this, but I'm realizing I need to get my butt in gear. I only have three months to get ready... and I'm pretty much out of shape!

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Police Academy: Now or later? [15 Sep 2005|09:49am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I finally called the local univeristy that does the police academy. I got the voice mail for the director of the academy. So of course, I left a voice message. I crawled back in bed, and the phone woke me up an hour later about (a bit more). It was the director of the academy! He told me all about the academy. Stuff I mostly new, so I was thinking, "Uh huh. Yeah. Know that." But then he was like, "We'll probably be doing registration October 1 [for spring semester]. Well, that's probably a Saturday, so October 3rd. So you'll just need to call me so we can set up a time. We'll have to fill out school papers, as well as papers with the Dept of Public Safety." and so forth. He said financial aid would go towards academy expenses. He asked if I'd be applying for aid and I said probably. He said that's something I should get started doing -now-.

Alrighty, so here's the deal. Maybe someone can help me?

Do I really want to go this next semester, or do I want to wait until next fall, like I have previously planned?

Pro's of going this next semester:
1. Health insurance. I'm terminated on my dad's health insurance at the age of 22, which is this next June! He's told me though that he's considered getting a new insurance, because he isn't completely satisifed with what he has. (He has the insurance from work - GEHA, or Government Employees Health Association. Government, since he works for the post office!)
2. Be a police officer sooner, and get out of retail faster! Oh I hate retail.

And that's about it for the pro's going this semsester.

Con's of going this next semester:
1. Money. I hardly have any money in savings. And probably half of what's there right now, will be going towards my Paul McCartney concert trip at the end of October for food, gas, and the hotel. And whatever else.
2. Physically fit? Looking at me, one can say I'm fit. But I can tell you, my lungs and heart say otherwise! lol. I haven't really exercised since my senior year in high school. That's a little over three years! I'm not sure if I can get in shape in just a couple months before the academy starts in Jan.

And like that, I'll be having to bust my butt like crazy the next couple months before Jan. just to get prepared for the academy and all. Fun?

Pro's of going next fall:
1. More time to get prepared. Simply put. I'd have more time to save up some money, more time to get physically fit, etc.
2. Night school? Night school was considered for me, as I can then work some hours at a job still. Night school lasts an entire two semesters instead of just one, costs about $100 more (ooo! that's a lot of money for the difference... not!), and will probably as I said, give me more time in case I -need- to work while in academy to pay my freakin' bills!

Con's of going next fall:
1. Health insurance? I'm not sure if I'll have any health insurace next fall. Eep! Sucky. It all depends on if my dad decides to get a new insurance, or stick with the one he's had for like ever it seems.
2. Longer wait to become a police officer. Although I may get out of retail before academy starts in fall if I keep putting apps in at security places and all...

So my question is, if you're in my situation, when would you go? I'd love go this next spring if I could, but some issues are arising. I'm not exactly sure when I should go. If I can get my butt in gear and start preparing for spring semester, then I guess that's cool. But, I'm pretty bad about exercising on my own. I serioulsy need a personal trainer OR an exercising buddy.

Suggestions? Comments? Anything? Anyone?

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Qualifications [18 Jul 2005|10:40pm]


I found a job for my local police department online for an entry-level police officer. I took a look at it, because that's where I want to work. I of course can't apply right now because I haven't gone through police academy and I'm not certified, but here's the run down of the qualifications and what I can pass as of today, besides having my POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) certification upon graduation of academy (which I'm hoping to start academy in a calendar year almost).

For Carthage PD, "Applicants must satisfy the following qualifications."

Let's see what I can accomplish as of today...

Read more...Collapse )


Well, I'm looking okay except for the interviews. Ugh! An oral board. Too much pressure! Can I do it?

For those of you who know, what can one expect to be asked on an oral board?

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Intro [15 Jul 2005|01:04am]

[ mood | amused ]

I was updating my interests when I noticed this community and I had to join. So Hi.
I'm Amanda, future officer or somewhere...

That's all really. I'm looking for a job now to improve my experience before I apply to an academy or force(Again, long story). But I already know it's what I'm going to do. All ever really wanted to be, really.


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Just stumbuled onto this community [03 Jul 2005|08:50pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Amanda and i I am starting the Police Academy in Aug. I have been searching through LJ for about five months and never thought to search for a community on Law Enforcement till a friend recommended it to me. I was so happy to find this community. I haven't done a ride along yet...I too work in retail(yes it sucks)and have not found the time...but hopefully in the next few weeks I will. I would love to hear more about your experiences with ride alongs and with the Academy, along with sharing my experiences with you.

I do have one question for everyone in this community. I am curious in find out what city or state everyone is in? I hope this isn't too personal to anyone if so I am sorry. I am in St. Petersburg,FL, it's just south of Tampa.

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Family [30 Jun 2005|01:31am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

How come family doesn't seem to support you in your career choice?

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Why? [23 Jun 2005|03:55am]

Everytime I talk to a police officer about going into that field of work, I always get asked, "So why do you want to be a police officer?"

I can never seem to give them a good reason. I always tell them, "I think it'd be cool and that I'd like it." Eh, doesn't sound so hot. I've contemplated this ever since and am still not sure how to answer that. Perhaps it's because I believe in the law and like to see it upheld. Or maybe it's because I like to see criminals pay for their crimes. Or... I like to see people be safe and out of danger and not become victims. Or maybe the thought of just helping ordinary people puts a smile on my face.

So I'll ask all of you: Why do you want to be a police officer?

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Where is everyone? [16 Jun 2005|06:59am]

[ mood | excited ]

Is everyone still around? Haven't seen an update here in a while.

I've done two (police) ride-alongs this past week at two different cities in the area. The first was two hours long and boring, but still enjoyable. The second was where I want to work and I was with the officer for 7 hours! It was a blast. I became friends with her and she gave me her cell number to get in contact with her to do another ride-along when I'm back in town. (I'm currently live out of state and am just on vacation, but I'll be moving back permanently in September.) I think she's psyched about me being a cop because she kept introducing me to all the others as, "This is Kira. She's going to be doing the police academy." :)

I enjoyed it all very much and I believe I've now learned that this is the field of work I want to do. I've also figured out through trial-and-error that I want a career that is unpredictable each day, and this is definitely one of those careers.

The sad thing? I don't want to go back to work in retail. I just want to start patrolling and everything. Can't happen yet, though. Got to go to police academy first then get hired.

But any way, just wanted to update you all on how my search is going on finding the right career - law enforcement. As well as ask, is everyone still around?

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Intro of myself and Question :D [12 May 2005|12:56pm]

Now that finals are finally over, I actually had time to look for cool sites like this. I'm a senior, getting my BS in Criminal Justice. Ready to graduate and get a job. I've gotten some job offers already but I want to graduate first . . .
Anyone on here heard of the Police Corps? I'm trying to get into the Ky Police Corps (I'm assuming other states have it as well). However, it's very competitive.
By way of defination: it's like the police academy, only you don't have to be hired onto a department first, they place you after you graduate, it's longer than the regular academy, better training, etc.
My longterm goal is to become an investigator working on child abuse cases. long story behind that, but it is what I'm aiming for.
Anyways, everyone else in this community sounded pretty interesting and I was wondering what everyone elses reasons were for wanting to become officers . . .

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Hey [26 Apr 2005|03:46pm]

Sorry, I have been really busy yet, I never made an official post for this community. I finally did some work on the layout. Seeing that there are actually people here, I figured I should say something. I made this community because I wanted other people to talk to while I was on the path to trying to become an Officer. I took the NYS Troopers exam and I was ranked 1033 out of 25000 candidates, I was deffered several times because I wasn't twenty one yet, and now I have deferred the troopers until I finish my bachelors degree. The most challenging part thus far has been motivating myself to keep working out when it seems like I will never reach my goals. Welcome everyone though! :)


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Greetings [26 Apr 2005|09:22am]

[ mood | amused ]

My apologies for taking so long to make an "official" introduction.
Currently, I am a dispatcher for the Arkansas State Police, Troop A, located in Little Rock. I've been with the ASP for 5 years, and all together I've been a dispatcher since 1993. Hopefully, be next month I will be attending a reserve police officer class that will certify me as a reserve officer.. thus getting my foot in the door.

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Introduction [23 Mar 2005|01:12am]

I guess I'll make an introduction to help keep this community alive. :) I've been meaning to do this for a few days now, but keep getting side-tracked.

I'm of course not a cop currently (as this is the "future officers" community), however I'm also not in any police academy. During my senior year in high school, I really wanted to go into law enforcement. I even joined the Citizens Police Academy that year. It was a great experience! I'm also huge into photography, and decided to go into that as a career, but then I decided after a year in college of taking core classes and some photography courses, that it was more of a hobby for me than a career choice. I'll always have a passion for it, and may do freelance work. I'm also a huge animal lover, so I then decided to go into pet grooming, as the college I was currently at (and still am at) has an Animal Technology center that's really great. I'm currently enrolled in some Pet Grooming courses. I seriously thought I wanted to do it for a career, but now that I am grooming dogs in class, I see that again... it's not something I want to do for a living. And now I'm back at wanting to go into law enforcement as a career. I'm not 100% sure on it though right now, as I'd have to move back home to go to the law enforcment academy at the univeristy where I grew up (in Missouri, I'm currently in Iowa). After almost three years of being out of high school and in a different state, I'm now starting a life up here. I've got a job (working retail, of all things) and I have some great co-workers and managers. I've even got some good friends in the area whom I go to school with, as well as some just in the community. And although I'd miss them if I went back to Missouri (which I am serious about moving back their some time), I currently have friends and family in Missouri whom I miss already. Either way, I'll miss people so it's not a win-win situation.

I've thought about being an animal control officer or something, but I'm not sure. I love crime scene investigations and the whole gist of everything law enforcment, so we'll see what happens on down the road! In the meantime, I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my life.

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[15 Mar 2005|10:58pm]

Wow, this community really hasn't gotten far off the ground, has it?

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