zebbiipng (zebbiipng) wrote in future_officers,

Intro of myself and Question :D

Now that finals are finally over, I actually had time to look for cool sites like this. I'm a senior, getting my BS in Criminal Justice. Ready to graduate and get a job. I've gotten some job offers already but I want to graduate first . . .
Anyone on here heard of the Police Corps? I'm trying to get into the Ky Police Corps (I'm assuming other states have it as well). However, it's very competitive.
By way of defination: it's like the police academy, only you don't have to be hired onto a department first, they place you after you graduate, it's longer than the regular academy, better training, etc.
My longterm goal is to become an investigator working on child abuse cases. long story behind that, but it is what I'm aiming for.
Anyways, everyone else in this community sounded pretty interesting and I was wondering what everyone elses reasons were for wanting to become officers . . .
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