Persian Sun (ar_activist) wrote in future_officers,
Persian Sun

I was talking with one of my best friends tonight, and she kept saying, "Good luck, but BE CAREFUL!" to me about going to police academy next semester.

She knows probably more police officers than I do locally and she's talked to them about this stuff. They've told her how a lot of them (female cadets) have landed in the hospital with broken bones, etc., and that they are -really- hard and rough on the girls especially. :(

I admitted to her, that the physical aspects of the academy is the only thing I'm worried about. I don't mind anything else, like the mock traffic stops, the book works, etc., but... it's the running and the defensive tactics class that I fear/worry about. (But don't get me wrong - I'm not letting any of this stop me from going! I start academy in Jan., and am very much looking forward to it. I guess it's just me being nervous about all of this, so I'm coming up with fears?)

She says her boyfriend will help train me in defensive arts, but... an officer told me (on the 'net, not a local one) that it'd probably be best to wait until -after- the academy to do any martial arts, etc., because they'll teach us to do something a certain way in academy and I don't want to be taught the wrong way prior. Makes sense.

But you know?


I just pray that I don't have to land in the hospital with broken bones. :(

Thoughts anyone? I know some of you are officers already - how did your academy training go?

And yes, I've been a lazy ass for the past month or so. I have not prepped physically for any of this! (Well, I get on the treadmill about once every week and a half, but like that's helping? NO!)

The local female officer I'm friends with, is older and hasn't been to academy in 14 years - that's how long she's been an officer here. I would love to talk to her about this, but I'm positive that everything she went through back then, is VASTLY different than the current academy training. Her and I have talked and she thinks I'll do great. I'm using that as my confidence booster, whenever I do get down. :)

But I'm not letting any of this get in my way of doing my best while in academy. I'm going to put 100% effort into it, plus more. I know with determination and 100% positive work, I can ace it.
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