Persian Sun (ar_activist) wrote in future_officers,
Persian Sun

Police Academy stress issues - why can't money grow on trees?

If money could grown on trees, I know... we'd all be rich. (Heck, we'd probably have tree thefts! lol.)

But yeah... I need money. :(

I'm starting to become a worry wart every time I think about police academy and the expenses for it.

The academy costs -almost- $5,000. That of which, I don't have. I'm a far cry from having that much money.

I can't get financial aid. My dad and stepmom make too much money. (Let's not forget to mention that the financial aid office at MSSU is NOT helpful to students with questions/problems.)

I'm not sure if I can get a student loan through my bank or not. My dad thinks I have to go through the school. *sigh*

This past month, I've been having to take money in my savings OUT (money which I'm trying to save for school), to pay for car insurance, gas, etc.

I'm just stressing here.

I'm not so worried about the physical training aspects anymore. I think my dad's little pep talk with me the other night helped on those regards. He kept saying, "You'll make it. Don't worry." :) Thanks dad.

But yeah. I'm stressing because... what if I can't get the money to pay for academy? That'd mean I can't attend this semester, which sucks. Because you need medical insurance to attend academy and I'll be terminated on my dad's this coming June because I'm turning 22 - the cut off age. :(

I would love to start this next fall and take night classes, so I can hold a job and get more hours, but again - there goes the medical insurance issue.

I'm going to try to work while attending the academy this next semester - just a few hours here and there. Just weekends - and what Saturdays I don't have school.

School is from 8-5. I plan on studying each night. So, Monday-Friday. There's my schedule. Wake up at like 6 am, get ready, leave the house at 7:30 or earlier (cause traffic at MSSU that early is the bitch!).

By the time I get home between 5:30-6, I have to eat supper and STUDY STUDY STUDY!!! I can't fail. I'll probably go to bed around 10. That leaves me with 4 hours studying, while eating?

And Saturday's? There'll be some that I'll have classes on. 8-5 again. I can't work those Saturday's, obviously.

But I'll try to work Saturday and Sunday's, if at all possible, when I'm not in school. This is all of course if Gene (my new boss - I just got hired with mall security for holiday help) keeps me after the holidays. He's told me that if I do stay, it's up to me if I want to continue to work there and get 4 hours here, 4 hours there, sort of deal, and be able to make some extra money while going to school. Thanks Gene. :)

My dad and stepmom don't understand it when I tell them I can't hold a job while going to school, but if I do have one, it'll be just (those certain) Saturdays and Sundays when I'm not in school.

They seriously don't get it. I think they expect me to be as smart as my stepsister, who was going to MSSU full-time (taking about 18 hours or more per semester), and working TWO jobs at the same time! Sorry, folks. I'm not THAT smart. My stepsister... she doesn't have to study. She's that smart. I have always had to study, though. I always worked on my schoolwork and studied in high school to get the descent grades I got. I got B's mostly, some C's and A's. My stepsister? Straight A student - always has been. She was on the dean's list at MSSU! She got scholarships and all this crap. See, I'm not -that- smart. I don't know what my dad and them are thinking. I can't work 20 hours a week, go to school from 8-5, and study and ace everything all at once. Nope!!!


Okay, so I'm ranting now. I'll end this here, I guess.

I'm just stressing. The next six months are going to be very difficult for me.
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