snuck (snuck) wrote in future_officers,

rightio then

I've decided to bite the bullet and apply.

Always wanted to, haven't actually done for a number of reasons... mostly 10yrs ago (I am near 30) I fell into a kick-arse career job whilst still at uni doing psych - and while I didn't have the maturity for the police, I did have what a very big telco in Aust wanted.

So I worked for good pay all over the country, and now it is time to stop careerising the dilbertesque, office space corporate world and actually work to a career that might allow me to give something back to my community, and make me feel part of it.

So I'll apply.

Part of this process is the usual - prep on requirements - in Australia it seems different to America - here you have a list of pre-reqs, apply, and if you are suitable go on a waiting list at whatever ranking until an opening comes up. You apply at state or federal level (federal much more competitive) and work for the state govt. There are no 'local' or 'sheriff' groups... it is 7 different police forces (7 states)most with similar recruitment processes and requirements.

For me? The questions will be whether to go home to my home state & family (West Aust) and apply (tougher physical reqs, less educational) or apply here in Queensland (easier phys, have all educ reqs).

Country postings a must for development/advancement. Qld this would be better.

And getting a payout redundancy from current job as recruitment pay in Police force bites - $26,000pa for the first 6-7mths (depending on state) pre tax (tax rate in Aust for this will be about 33%, but 48.5% for me due to my previous career/income). (asked for this 5mths ago... just waiting in line... worth enough to make the wait worthwhile)

And I have to get fit, something I really am NOT.
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